Project Description


Aggressive TV, Brandon Epperson and Tigrelab push the boundaries of the live stream medium with their novel approach to virtual production.

To launch Alicia Keys’ eponymous new album ALICIA, American Express and Momentum approached Aggressive TV to develop and direct an hour-long XR performance. The performance premiered live on September 18th, 2020 as part of American Express’ prestigious UNSTAGED concert series.

Aggressive TV’s Alex Topaller and Daniel Shapiro showcased the beauty and power of Alicia’s performance using a visually stunning three-act structure that evolved in real-time. Working together with Tigrelab and Brandon Epperson, the team created a stage that transforms song by song, through a series of immersive 3D environments animating across the LED walls and floor. The rich control and parameterization tools in Notch helped craft visuals that were in tune with the setlist and flexible enough to make adjustments during the performance. Alicia and her band could play each act in its entirety, settling into a groove and allowing the capture of spontaneous energy in the moment it happened.

“While the event was virtual, filmed on a stage and streamed around the globe, it was key for us to deliver the authenticity and emotional impact of a real concert experience. Notch’s real-time virtual production workflow allowed us the freedom to respond to unpredictable dynamics in Alicia’s live performance with reactive lighting, colour and animation speed. The experience was symbiotic. We’ve finally found a holistic workflow that enables the performer, the production team and us directors to work in perfect harmony.”

Alex Topaller and Daniel Shapiro, directors, Aggressive TV

Client: American Express
Agency: Momentum
Directed by: Aggressive
Production & VFX: Aggressive
Directors: Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Producer: Alexander Aab
Creative Director: Alex Mikhaylov
DOP: Eli Born
Technical Director: Brandon Epperson
Live Production Designer: Andrea Huelse
Lighting Directors: Herrick Goldman, Sarah Jakubasz
Project Manager: TJ Donoghue

Production Manager: Damon Middleton
Editors: Adam Thomson, Jason Yantz
Additional Editing: Javier Devitt, Daniel Shapiro
Post Producer: Dustin Pownall
Notch Direction: Tigrelab: Federico Gonzalez, Mathieu Felix, Javier Pinto
Disguise Programmer: Raul Herrera
On-Site Notch Artist: Juan Gonzalez-Macias
Notch Artist: Dan Garotte, Antonio Nieto
3D Artists: Gerard Foix, Dan Garotte, Antonio Nieto
Post Managers: Won Cha, Vanesa Palmeri, Camila Araujo