Project Description

Halsey: The Manic World Tour

Moment Factory and All of it Now create a cinematic experience with real-time IMAG effects for Halsey’s 2020 World Tour.

‘The Manic’ World Tour is the third headlining concert tour by American singer Halsey, supporting her third studio album, Manic (2020). The tour used a combination of rendered content, as well as real-time IMAG effects created in Notch.

The creative brief came from Tarik Mikou from Moment Factory, who led the overall creative vision. Moment Factory called on All of it Now to help them make a show that blurred the boundaries of reality, playing with depth and the audience’s perception in magical and surprising ways. The team created cinematic experiences out of each song, with the hit single, Graveyard being the most creative and favoured look of the tour. Created in Notch using real-time fluid simulations, the result was a live-camera feed which appeared painted in dreamy watercolours. The team created a show in which Halsey was the driving force, while visuals and technology emoted the meanings behind each song.

“Real-time fluid simulation is never easy, but the fluid tools in Notch gave us the movement we needed. The look we created with this technique drew some noticeable cheers from the audience, and we were able to deliver it while keeping GPU overhead at performant levels.”

Danny Firpo, screen producer, All of it Now

Additional press coverage:
TPI Magazine, Live Design Online

Client: Halsey
Production Design: Moment Factory
Creative Direction: Tarik Mikou (Moment Factory)
Notch Designer: Kevin Zhu
Video Director: Charles Woods
Lighting Designer: Paul “Arlo” Guthrie, Jose Antunes

Screen Producer: Danny Firpo
Tour Server Operator: Cade Moore
Additional Content: Moment Factory
Equipment Vendor: All of it Now, Screenworks
Media Server: disguise gx2c
Photos: Jasmine Safaeian