Project Description


RUN TIME is an interactive installation made on behalf of Solana‘s Breakpoint event of 2021 in Lisbon. The goal to make data understandable was achieved through interactivity.

Notch artist Lorenzo Venturini created the piece RUN TIME, an interactive display of financial statistics, allowing guests to better understand and visualise the data through physically viewing and playing with them. 

Collaborating with ROOF VideoDesign, they worked on ideas on how to best visualize the large amount of data and the brand’s identity together. 

The solution was to project RUN TIME across two separate rooms. First, visitors interacted with particles symbolic of transactions which they could move as they walked, hosted by TouchDesigner and using Kinect v2 cameras, rendered in Notch. Real-time Solana data was displayed, showcasing the speed and size of the brand’s daily transaction rate. In the second room, the data was displayed across the venue’s walls, behind the stage and amongst the seated area; the designs allowed visitors to feel immersed within the data, becoming a part of the show’s true focus.

“Notch was fundamental in bringing our concepts to life. The versatility and the speed of the real-time software allowed us to quickly get excellent results, both aesthetically and technically”.

Lorenzo Venturini – Notch Designer

Additional press coverage:
Solana, Lorenzo Venturini.

Client: Solana
Production Company: ROOF Videodesign
Concept: Mikkel Garro, Fausto Fasan, Lorenzo Venturini, Ryan Shea, Ross Cohen
Research: Fausto Fasan
JavaScript Developer: Luca Corsetti

TouchDesigner Developer: Brenton March
Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini
Sound Designer: Mikkel Garro Martinsen
Media Servers: Pandoras Box & Resolume Arena
Service: FADUS – High End Event Design & Europalco
Pandoras Box Operator: Nélio Lima