Project Description

“Notch suits my way of working because it’s adaptable.”

Stout Studio and Bluman Associates produced a family of high-end interactive installs for mobile handset brand OnePlus. The launch featured an activation which paired Notch with a tightly framed section of Hologauze and two 30k Panasonic projectors for exceptional results using holographic technology. Production Design and installation conception were lead By Pod Bluman. Content Creative direction was lead by Lewis Kyle White, who utilised concepts and technologies developed by Stout:


Lewis Kyle White, Creative Director, Stout Studio

Stout Studio is a collaborative studio founded by myself and Pod Bluman to explore interactive design. With everything we do at Stout, it’s about creating bold experiences.



Lewis: “Sparq approached Bluman Associates and Stout to create multiple interactive activations at the OnePlus launch event.”

Pod: “Our vision was to create several high-end experiences for the one-off event. The centrepiece would be a holographic display which floated above a Leap Motion controlled plinth system. The user would be able to gesture in the air to conjure a holographic display floating above them.”


Lewis: “I love to break down complex problems and create bold experiences from the simplest of briefs. I’d say my workflow is logical and methodical. I am very thorough in my process. Notch suits my way of working because it’s adaptable, I use Notch in so many different ways. It’s a tool I can use from the very beginning of a project and carry it through into my final design.”

“Notch allows us to develop custom ways of controlling interactive content as well as multiple ways to deploy the end result. On OnePlus, we used an in-house custom notch box to run the real-time hologram. The holographic effect of the OnePlus handset was modelled in C4D and imported seamlessly into Notch where we could incorporate interactivity. We used the web GUI feature to remote control parameters such as the colour of the virtual fixture and speed at which the phone would spin around when it was in a rest state. The result was a product that popped with three-dimensionality.”

“We also deployed Bluman Associates disguise gx1 racks to run the second install. This piece represented ‘5G activation’ and consisted of a large floor-mounted LED wall, a camera and a green screen. We used Notch to key video in real-time from the green screen, submerging attendees in a virtual environment. We were able to achieve this well-loved set-up using an off the shelf camera and some carefully placed Kino Flo lighting fixtures. For us, Notch is a true creative sandbox.”

“Designing for fixed installations is very much a process, and we always try to manage the visual expectations of the client. Creating detailed pre-visualisations helps us to reach our own, and the clients end goals. Notch is very much apart of this process because we can quickly iterate designs based on tests from the physical space and client feedback.” 

“The nature of Notch’s visual nodes frees us to play more, and in the process, find new ways to be creative with the toolset. We had the opportunity to explore multiple instalments for the OnePlus project and bring together some exciting ideas.”


Client: OnePlus / Sparq
Creative Direction: Stout Studio
Production Company: Bluman Associates
Production Design: Pod Bluman
Lead Creative / Notch Designer: Lewis Kyle white
Notch & disguise: Kyle Reseigh
Equipment Vendor: Bluman Associates
Media Server: gx1’s + Custom Notch Box RTX2080ti
Media server op: Christian Dickens