Project Description

Rage Against the Machine World Tour 2022

Brett Bolton and kept things simple but strong when creating visuals with Good Company for Rage Against the Machine.

Earlier this year, Creative Director Todd Tourso, Video Director Christian Lamb, and Good Company teamed up with Brett Bolton and, looking to create something hard-hitting and concise for Rage Against the Machine’s 2022 tour. The client stressed the need to keep things straightforward with just a small but powerful selection of video effects added to their screens.

They worked closely with Production and Lighting Designer Cory Fitzgerald to ensure the video and lighting systems worked seamlessly. As the show was entirely manual with no timecode or any other sync source, Lighting Programmer Joey Troup and Video Programmer Drew Mercadante had to remain a single unit throughout the process to stay locked in with the band’s vision.

The team ran Notch Blocks in disguise programmed with an MA2 Sockpuppet workflow. Bolton created designs featuring standardised colour grading controls integrated into the MA2 colour mixing system. The crew also had access to eight additional effects control parameters, allowing for real-time creative decisions during the show.

As Rage Against the Machine is the kind of band that actively avoids flashy 3D visuals, the final product was purposefully kept sparse and to the point. The creative team received great reviews for their simple, direct looks that just added a bit of edge and showcased the performances without distraction.

“The programming process was quick and free-flowing, so it was crucially helpful that we were able to revise looks, transfer them, and review results immediately.”

Drew Mercadante, Video Programmer & Notch Specialist,

Additional press coverage:
New York Times, Sypher Sights, Glide Magazine.

Client: Rage Against the Machine
Production Design: Silent House
Creative Direction: Todd Tourso
Notch Designer: Brett Bolton
Video Programmer & Notch Specialist: Drew Mercadante for

Video Director: Christian Lamb
Video Producers: Good Company
Lighting Designer: Cory Fitzgerald
Lighting Programmer & Director: Joey Troup
Show Photography: Skylar Watkins/Sad Punk Press
Show Videography: hate5six