Blog: Who was crowned NOTCHMEISTER 001?

1st March 2018 by Mark Jennings

Through January we ran the first Notchmeister comp – giving entrants a 30 second window to show off their skills with Notch’s audio-reactive capabilities.

The battle was hard fought and we were blown away by the quality of entries, but in the end there can only be one meister. We’re delighted to announce that Adrien Ravelli is  NOTCHMEISTER 001.

View Adrien’s piece above, download the project file here.

Adrien has only been using Notch for a few months but his entry delighted the judges because he was able combine multiple effects and good texturing to produce a seamless result with the audio-reactive features of Notch.

Matt Swoboda, Creator of Notch, said:

“It was immensely enjoyable for me to see the different directions that all these creatives have taken with the brief and how they achieved them in Notch – many of which I’d never have thought of myself. It’s also been great to see the community spirit that resulted from this, with everyone sharing and discussing their work.”

Adrien was delighted to win:

Notch is a really powerful tool to try lots of thing quickly. The possibilities are immense, especially as some real-time effects are only possible in Notch. For my entry I started without really knowing what I was going to do. I wanted to use a minimum of external data but I really wanted to use procedural meshing.  It took me one day with lots of tests. I’m really proud to have won this first challenge, especially as I don’t work in the 3D/visual industry.”  

Adrien added that he is open to any professional opportunity, so don’t hesitate to contact him!

Adrien wins 6 months of Notch Builder Pro and most importantly a VERY limited edition Notch Gold dongle.

There can only be one Notchmeister but with such a lot of quality entries we’re happy to announce Honourable Mentions for Spencer Stirling and Kevin Zhu. They win 3 months of Builder Pro.

Spencer Sterling

Kevin Zhu

Jani Isoranta, Notch’s Creative Director, said:

“Spencer showed some excellent skills in manually keying his camerawork and fx to the sound. The piece was enjoyable and some more audio-reactive elements could have pushed it even higher. Kev’s use of Motion Datamosh for transitions was a nice touch and a good idea that really bound the piece together for me.”

Armin, Notch’s Product Specialist, added:

“It was great to see a vast variety of different techniques applied in this competition, I love that feeling when you see something unique and you end up asking yourself how in a world did he do that, big congratulations to Adrien for broadening the expectations and raising the bar.”

Congratulations to Adrien, Spencer and Kevin. Look out for Notchmeister 002 soon.