Over 4.5 hours of structured learning, that take you from the basics to more advanced techniques. 

001 : Basic Video Processing

Learn how to treat video content with basic effects while learning the basics of the Notch UI.

Note: the Video Source node is now called Video Loader.

Duration: 10:05
Download: 1080p

002 : Advanced Video Processing

Move on to more advanced video processing techniques, including compositing and keying.

Duration: 17:14
Download: 1080p

003 : 3D Workspace and Animating

Learn how to use the 3D workspace in Notch, and animate objects and attributes in the scene.

Duration: 22:15
Download: 1080p

004 : Cloners

Explore the cloner system and its affectors.

Duration: 20:04
Download: 1080p

005 : Text

Learn how to add text geometry and manipulate it to full effect.

Duration: 05:52
Download: 1080p

Resources: graphium-regular.ttf

006 : Audio Reactive

Use audio feeds to manipulate your scene.

Duration: 06:12
Download: 1080p

007 : Particles

Explore the Particle Root Node, affectors, emitters and renderers.

Duration: 31:43
Download: 1080p

Resources: spikeball01.lwo

008 : Media Servers / Exposed Values

Learn how to export to, and control from, media servers.

Duration: 06:34
Download: 1080p

009 : 3D Objects and Deformers

Understand 3D geometry and how to manipulate it.

Duration: 12:54
Download: 1080p

Resources: spikeball01.lwo



010 : Importing 3D Scenes

Learn how to work with other 3D packages as part of your workflow.

Duration: 07:21
Download: 1080p

011 : Lighting And Materials

A robust introduction to lighting your scene and applying materials to your objects.

Duration: 32:14
Download: 1080p

Resources: Road_to_MonumentValley_Ref2.hdrrock-02_200cm.zip

012 : Light Scattering

Understand the light scattering techniques of Notch.

Duration: 04:46
Download: 1080p

013 : Fields

Get a handle on fields and their uses throughout Notch.

Duration: 18:51
Download: 1080p

Resources: spikeball01.lwo

014 : Procedural Meshes

Use procedurals to build dynamic meshes.

Duration: 18:25
Download: 1080p

Resources: spikeball01.lwo

015 : Render To Texture

Learn about the rather useful Render To Texture and Render Layer nodes.

Duration: 6:43
Download: 1080p

016 : Cameras And Mappings

A run through of Cameras and Mappings, including re-projecting content and UV Camera workflows.

Duration: 10:56
Download: 1080p

017 : VR Cameras

Find out the ease of migrating your project to a VR or 360 video experience.

Duration: 4:39
Download: 1080p