Project Description

100 gecs’ 2023 US Tour

Moment Factory Music collaborated with Andrew Marchbank to deliver a striking, over-the-top show perfect for hyperpop maximalists 100 gecs’ wild style.

Fresh off their latest critically acclaimed album, hyperpop extremists 100 gecs recently performed their American tour, with Moment Factory Music heading up tour production. Creative Director Manuel Galarneau, a longtime listener of the band, gave Notch Designer Andrew Marchbank an in-depth brief considerate of detail while leaving a lot of room for experimentation.

The creative team mainly sought to execute visuals that matched gecs’ unconventional yet powerful style. They aimed to illustrate the music with a flow of monochrome to saturated colours, as well as distorted textures, such as warped features, datamosh glitches, and abstract liquid looks. For more intricate effects, Marchbank used Notch’s Virtual Background and Face Tracker features.

The team used a disguise gx 2c media server running Notch, allowing for seamless effects integration and streamlining the overall workflow. Marchbank applied effects on timecoded tracks, which made it possible to keyframe the effect parameters and dial in how Notch would react at every second of the show.

“Notch allowed us to create experimental live visual effects and seamlessly integrate them with a media server, enabling us to keyframe parameters and have the greatest impact throughout the set.”

Andrew Marchbank, Notch Designer

Additional press coverage:
Third Coast Review, New Noise Magazine, The Alternative.

Client: 100 gecs
Production Company: Moment Factory Music
Creative Direction: Manuel Galarneau
Notch Designer: Andrew Marchbank
disguise Programmer: Andrew Marchbank

Lighting Design: Paul Arlo Guthrie
Lighting Director & Programmer: José Antunes
Production Manager: James Richardson
Production Coordinator: Marie-Pier Hamelin
Photography: Moment Factory Music