Project Description

Coldplay Promos

NorthHouse Creative utilise Notch’s particle systems and pre-visualisation capabilities to deliver a series of promo performances for Coldplay.

To promote their upcoming release ‘Higher Power ’, Coldplay performed a series of broadcast concerts set in unique locations. NorthHouse worked alongside Coldplay’s creative team of Phil Harvey and Misty Buckley to create the broadcasts for American Idol, Radio 1’s Big Weekend and Glastonbury’s ‘Live from Worthy Farm’. The performance locations included the Camden Roundhouse, Whitby Abbey and The Hive at Glastonbury.

The team wanted to make the most of the architecture of each space by using bold and beautiful projection mappings. Using Notch as their creative suite and previsualisation tool, the team could animate content and visualise designs in one place. Notch’s integrated workflow allowed them to foresee potential technical issues in advance, make instant adjustments and suggest optimal camera movements. For Whitby Abbey and the Roundhouse, NorthHouse combined artwork elements with beautiful cosmic textures and flowing animation that responded to the musicality of the tracks. For the Live at Worthy Farm performance, the team transformed the Hive’s 360 degrees textured surface into an animated canvas displaying the moving lyrics of the track.

“Notch’s intuitive and fast workflow provided us with solutions during both pre-production and on-site.  Notch, was a key part of our workflow for creating content at such large resolutions, when on location, we used Notch in combination with the NDI protocol, which enabled us to make changes to our animations while they were projected on the walls of the venue.”

Tom Bairstow, creative director, NorthHouse Creative

Client: Coldplay
Video Design Studio: NorthHouse Creative
Production Design: Misty Buckley
Creative Direction: Phil Harvey & Misty Buckley
Director (Live at Worthy Farm, American Idol): Paul Dugdale
Lighting Design: Sooner Routhier & Steven Nolan