Project Description

A Night 100 Years Ago at Casa Batlló

VPM Creative Lab crafted an early-20th-century atmosphere for a holiday audiovisual experience with Gaudí’s iconic masterpiece of architecture as their stage.

Just as pandemic restrictions began to lift in Barcelona, violinist Nuria García asked VPM Creative Lab to collaborate on a music video inside the city’s world-famous landmark and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Casa Batlló. The team reserved the house for three nights and, in that span of time, were able to experiment with projections of all kinds. 

From there, the Casa Batlló team proposed that they incorporate parts of their experiments into a magical Christmas experience for all audiences. VPM aimed to be equal parts immersive and transportive, taking visitors back a hundred years. They were inspired by the undulating, sinuous architecture of the historical monument, which reminded them of a whirlpool and the powerful atmosphere of the sea.

Hoping to capture that same spirit of the ocean in their projections, they began scanning the ceiling with a Kinect to obtain a 3D mesh, which they used to develop particle systems to accompany the main piece. They incorporated various 3D objects with multiple effects applied to simulate movements that would gradually turn the underwater atmosphere into a starry night.

For their simulations, the creative team launched all material directly from Notch. They then rendered clips separately and sent them through the house’s BrightSign system to synchronise their scenography with the rest of the story. Like the house itself, the visuals and overall experience landed at the intersection of magic, darkness, and tenderness that made for the perfect winter night.

Thanks to Notch’s optimised particle and procedural system, we could not only use millions of particles in real time but also control every aspect of the simulation to create a high-quality end result.

Javier Cañal, Art Director, VPM Creative Lab

Additional press coverage:
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Client: Casa Batlló
Production Company: Casa Batlló

Creative Direction: VPM Creative Lab
Notch Designers: VPM Creative Lab