Project Description

Annalisa at Forum di Milano

UNOLAB explored liminal spaces and a full spectrum of emotion to capture the journey of Annalisa for the singer’s recent Milan show.

UNOLAB Design Studio recently worked with Show and Production Designer Jacopo Ricci and Notch Designer Lorenzo Venturini to create a visual representation of Annalisa’s artistic evolution for her recent performance at Forum di Milano. The team aimed to evoke the ups and downs that have marked Annalisa’s career through joy, disappointment, and the shades of melancholy in between.

UNOLAB’s creations took shape on an LED wall, which they used as an enormous virtual window depicting something between reality and a dream state. In illustrating this half-awake, half-asleep place, they began with more abstract forms that eventually morphed into an avatar of Annalisa, embodying her current identity, which combines futurism and digital elements with minimalistic restraint.

After the UNOLAB team prepared detailed references for each song, Venturini created video effects that would blend cohesively from song to song. He used Notch’s Virtual Background feature to maintain focus on Annalisa’s figure and add precision to the visual mix. The team then prepared a Notch Block with exposed parameters that could be controlled via MIDI, and Media Server Operator Luca Zanuto integrated the final effects into the show’s timelines.

As Ricci remembered, the production team and management were thrilled with the results. The sold-out arena show was praised by the Italian music press and Vanity Fair Italia, which noted how far the singer has come since competing on Amici nearly a decade and a half ago.

“Notch allowed us to create new ideas from scratch in a very short amount of time while maintaining a high-quality aesthetic and frame rate. The way Notch transforms the artist into something more with its graphic capabilities is always satisfying to see.”

Lorenzo Venturini, Notch Designer

Additional press coverage:
Vanity Fair Italia, Rockon.

Client: Annalisa
Management: Evento Musica
Production: Friends & Partners
Show & Production Designer: Jacopo Ricci
Visual Concept & Design: UNOLAB Design Studio
Visual Shooting Director: Sophie Perazzolo

Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini
Notch Operator: Daniele Cattaneo
Media Server Operator: Luca Zanuto

Service: STS
Lighting Designer: Jacopo Ricci
Lighting Operator: Nicola Costamagna
Laser Designer: Matteo d’Addio
Animators: UNOLAB Design Studio