Project Description

Anuv Jain’s 2023 Tour

25Pixels used Notch to illuminate Anuv Jain’s heartfelt songs on the artist’s latest tour, which was simultaneously intimate and arena-ready.

When Anuv Jain’s team approached 25Pixels about creating looks for the artist’s latest tour, the visualists instantly pitched the idea of using Notch. Jain himself already had base visuals premade, so the creative team had some direction for the Notch material. Within no time, they crafted their looks, synchronising each loop to each respective song.

Aiming to give the show a unified style as if it were one continuous piece, Notch Designer Gohar Chanekar blurred the line between computer-generated VJ loops and video feeds. There were also a few tracks without premade visuals, so the team produced several additional simple yet effective images in Notch while leaving the soul of the performance untouched and serving the overall show.

Chanekar used Notch’s Virtual Background feature to ensure that Jain would be visible and stand out even in the most particle-heavy looks. The team also got a lot out of their post-effects options; for example, with the Bump Map Warp effect, they could make images appear displaced by water droplets.

In Chanekar’s own words, merging the real-time footage with the rest of the material was a seamless experience. With Jain’s reputation growing rapidly over the past few years, the tour was a great opportunity to make something both sonically and visually impressive.

“Every time we use it, Notch surprises us with its ability to showcase the artist in a creative way without disturbing the essence of the performance, be that something soft and soulful like Anuv Jain’s work or an impactful, hard-hitting rap performance. Notch does it all!”

Gohar Chanekar, VJ & Notch Designer,

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Client: Anuv Jain
Production Company:
VJ & Notch Designer: Gohar Chanekar
Lighting Engineer:

Animator: Wittydonut
Production Head/SFX:
Management: Represent
Live Show Bookings: Replay Agency
Photography: Kartik Kher & Fredman Kenneth