Project Description

Biotherm Blue Beauty Lab

AC3 Studio used audio, video, and interactivity to create an immersive laboratory illustrating the beauty and complexity of chemistry for Biotherm.

In late 2021, Biotherm and Universal Design Studio reached out to AC3 Studio to work with Superbien to design and deploy an immersive experience at the intersection of science and art. For the “Blue Beauty Lab,” as it came to be known, AC3 layered abstract representations of chemical ingredients to create digital artwork and help audiences understand the complex science at the heart of the Biotherm brand.

Biotherm asked AC3 to set up a permanent digital installation highlighting their new plankton-based product line inside a cutting-edge brand showroom. The AC3 team began the project aiming to create a CAVE environment composed of three video projectors where visitors could interact with a 3D shape through primitive and sensitive gestures.

AC3 used a Kinect Azure sensor to track users’ hands. The creative team used TouchDesigner to manage I/O-like video projectors, bring sequences to life, and sensor input filtering. They also used Ableton Live to trigger and modulate the pitch, gain, and effects of audio clips according to user movements. Using React web technologies, the team developed their UI overlay and linked the entire application with a web server to record user creations.

Within their complex system, AC3 used Notch to model, animate, and render 3D plankton shapes in an underwater environment with raytracing. As the team worked closely with the client, they defined their own interactive grammar to keep the audiovisual communication with user gestures as smooth as possible. With a satisfied client and audience, AC3 will now replicate their crafted experience for retail settings and other events.

“Creating visual content in Notch is a breeze. With Notch, we’ve found a balance between high render quality and optimal AV response.”

Alassane Coly-Arogundade, Creative Technologist, AC3 Studio

Additional press coverage:
Dezeen, Design Week, e-architect.

Client: Biotherm
Project Director Biotherm: Thibaut Rouganne
Retail Design Director: Arnaud Gaillet
Concept: Universal Design Studio
Architecture: The A Group
Furniture: Atelier 181 & Gruppo Pozzi
Artistic Direction & Project Management: Superbien
Digital Experience Production, Generative Content, Creative Coding, Sound Design, & Hardware: AC3 Studio
Creative Producer: Max Coisne

Project Manager: Roman De Villeneuve
Notch Designer:
Benjamin Chassagne
Technical Director: Vincent Coutelin
Creative Technologist: Rémi Grosson, Alassane Coly-Arogundade & Roman Jean-Elie
Hardware Design & Setup: Benjamin Legris, Thomas Clapin
Sound Designer: Nicolas Zuber
Creative Director: Alex Mestrot
Project Director:  Michael Ligier
Project Manager: Gabriel de Montrichard
UX/UI: Antoine Arnoux