Project Description

CircOpera 2.0: A Symphony of Art and Innovation

Vitamin Studio teamed up with the electrifying Finnish National Opera to create a groundbreaking performance fusing classical opera and circus with the latest technology.

The Finnish National Opera recently approached Vitamin Studio, a team known for bridging the worlds of art and technology, to add visual effects to their new show, CircOpera 2.0, which aimed to transcend the boundaries of traditional performance, merging opera and contemporary circus.

For their contributions, the Vitamin Studio team began by tracking the intricate movements of dancers and acrobats in real time using VYV’s ALBION multi-camera infrared system. Along with this, they deployed two Kinect Azure cameras, which they used for their ability to differentiate and map even the most subtle gestures.

The team then processed their vast amount of data with TouchDesigner and fed it into Notch, where they, in turn, interpreted said data and generated all visuals. They also used ArtNet to ensure smooth transitions, accurate visual cues, and precise triggering.

In the end, Vitamin Studio created a self-described “digital orchestra” that amplified the onstage performance. Their visuals formed an immersive tapestry that reacted and resonated with each pirouette, leap, and note.

“The real magic of this show came from processing everything in TouchDesigner and visualising it in Notch. That combination really helped amplify the tangible energy on stage and craft an experience that was nothing short of breathtaking.”

Pablo Alpe, Co-Founder, Vitamin Studio

Additional press coverage:
Ooppera Baletti, YLE.

Client: Finnish National Opera
Production Company: Vitamin Studio
Conductor: Nick Davies
Director: Jere Erkkilä
Sets: Mark Väisänen

Costumes: Erika Turunen
Lighting Design & Projection Design: Mikko Linnavuori
Circus Choreography: Sanna Silvennoinen
Choreography: Reija Wäre