Project Description

Coca-Cola Flow Fest 2023

Dream Front Labs pulled no punches in preparing high-energy video material to accompany each individual performance at the world’s largest reggaeton festival.

Production Manager Salomón Soloveichik recently approached Dream Front Labs, asking them to develop a video system that would include Notch content and video effects for several artists performing on a small stage at Mexico City’s Coca-Cola Flow Fest–the largest reggaeton festival in the world. As Notch Designer Hugo Zarate explains, it’s a genre that is very flexible, as it allows for heavily processed effects without coming across as over-the-top.

Over the course of a week, a plan to develop a video system for the festival’s main stage that could handle multiple artists quickly came together. The visuals would feature Wisin y Yandel, Maluma, Zion & Lennox, Piso 21, Manuel Turizo, Young Miko, Cosculluela, Gabito Ballesteros, Farina, Maikel Delacalle, El Bogueto, Quevedo, and Emilia, among others.

Dream Front Labs strived to create a show that would match and elevate these artists’ various eclectic, upbeat content and requested effects with enough contrast to make each show stand out from the rest; it was all about highlighting the vast array of personalities within the reggaeton world. For maximum control over the artists at the centre of each performance, they used Notch’s Background Removal feature extensively throughout the show.

With disguise as their media server, the studio fed their video into the overall system dedicated to running the festival’s branded house content, and from there, they distributed everything to video walls using 3 Barco E2 Gen 2 machines. As Dream Front Labs’ Rudy Juarez notes, “Instead of the usual static physical scenery that surrounds many LED productions, Notch allowed us to showcase a dynamic screen and stage presence.”

“Notch is the best option to create real-time effects. All our projects go hand-in-hand with it. When it comes to live performances, finding ways to alter and tweak visuals while the show is running can be a challenge, but with Notch, it is not.”

Alejandro Bandala, Notch Designer

Additional press coverage:
Los Angeles Times, Excelsior.

Client: Ocesa
Production Design: SJ Lighting
Production Manager: Salomón Soloveichik 
Creative Direction: Salomón Soloveichik & Sebastian Franco Stepanenko
Art Direction: Eliuth Herrera
Notch Designers: Hugo Zarate & Alejandro Bandala
disguise / E2 Provider: Dream Front Labs

Server Engineers: Rudy Juarez & Manny Conde
E2 Engineers: Rudy Juarez, Manny Conde, & Miguel Solis

Animators: Rafael Altable, Jose Luis, Oscar Martinez, Alejandro Bandala, Teo Pineda, & Javier Farías
disguise Programmers: Hugo Zarate, Alejandro Bandala and Jose Antonio García Reyes