Project Description

Daddy Yankee at Coliseo de Puerto Rico 2023

FragmentNine created an unforgettable set of real-time designs to conclude Daddy Yankee’s final La Última Vuelta shows in downtown San Juan.

In 2023, Daddy Yankee’s team approached The Playground and FragmentNine in search of video content for the now-retired King of Reggaeton’s recent set of farewell shows, titled La Meta, over three nights at Coliseo de Puerto Rico. Specifically, they wanted many different designs that could adapt to various scenes, culminating in a hard-hitting and well-deserved goodbye for the Puerto Rican pop veteran.

The FragmentNine team used Notch for most of the show’s onscreen IMAG effects and generative video for a few songs. As Animator and Notch Designer Cody Samson explained, they also used Notch to create a full-stage point cloud structure and 3D lights to cohesively tie together the myriad visuals they’d created.

The creative team also used Notch’s background removal feature, which ensured Daddy Yankee remained front and centre amid moving lights, dancers, and the visual experimentation deployed in real time. Throughout just six days of rehearsals, Daddy Yankee added songs to the setlist up until the last minute, but with Notch’s real-time flexibility, the team could adjust accordingly with ample time to spare.

“Notch allowed us to generate content on the fly as the artist updated the setlist. The visuals we created in real time were every bit as good as what we’d come prepared with and let us adjust with limited rehearsal time.”

Michael “Hank” Hankowsky, Content Project Director & Video Programmer, FragmentNine

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Performer & Executive Producer: Daddy Yankee
Executive Producer: Rafael Pina Nieves
Show Producer & Production Manager: Willie Cortes
Tour Manager: Nestor De La Mota
Accountant: Ayeicha Gonzalez
CEO’s Assistant: Michelle Matos
Production Company: The Playground
Creative Director & Show Director: Curtis Adams
Production Designer: Trevor Alhstrand
Production Designer: Sooner Routhier 
Choreographer: Luther Brown
Technical Director: Matthew Geasey
Creative Producer: Allison Ciccarelli
Creative Producer: Briceño
Creative Manager: Niccolo Casino
Creative Assistant: Dulce Martin
Lighting Programmer & Operator: Will Flavin
Lighting Programmer: Dane Kick
Video: FragmentNine

Content Project Director & Video Programmer: Michael “Hank” Hankowsky
Art Director: Jeremy Lechterman
Art Director: Jackson Gallager
Associate Art Director: Ally Munro
Associate Art Director: Pablo Beckett
Video Programmer: Sydney Asselin
Video Programmer: Aria Hailey
Animator: Liangel Del Rosario
Animator: Cody Samson
Animator: Alex Campbell
Animator: Brian Lowe
Animator: Clayton McCracken
Animator: Cora Keene
Animator: George Hurrell
Content Project Manager: Rob Kuhn
Associate Choreographer: Elysandra Quiñones
Choreographer Creative Consultant: Jimmy Smith
Choreography Executive Assistant: Savannah Harrow