Project Description

Diamond Zhang at Shanghai Stadium

Miii created visuals for a narrative-driven Diamond Zhang concert featuring an ever-changing set of stages and screens at Shanghai Stadium.

In the second half of 2023, Notch Designer Miii worked with the EMBRACE LIVE team of directors to create visuals for Diamond Zhang’s show at Shanghai Stadium. The team expressed that they wanted, more than anything, a show imbibed with the same sense of storytelling present in Zhang’s songs.

Along with the music, Li Hong Bo’s stage design also served as the initial inspiration for the literal and metaphorical shape which the story would take. With a set of screens that could be arranged and rearranged in countless ways, the team had almost unlimited options.

Miii featured 3D graphics made in different software at the centre of the visuals but re-rendered most of them in Notch for maximum flexibility and creative experimentation. He also used the Virtual Background feature to ensure Zhang remained the star throughout the night.

As Miii explained, “Notch gave us more options than the conventional 3D tools we used to build the initial graphics, so our images were far more complex by the end of production.”

“Because the unique stage shape and structure changed so frequently, we needed efficiency and flexibility, which Notch provided with its capacity for fast, real-time iteration. We felt unstoppable.”

Miii, Notch Designer

Client: Diamond Zhang
Notch Designer: Miii
Video Directors: EMBRACE LIVE

Lighting Designer: Li Yang Yang
Animators: Black Suger, 千秋造热,辉动力, 有点东西 (Miii)
Stage Designer: Li Hong Bo