Project Description

The Disney Animation Immersive Experience

INTUS worked with Lighthouse Immersive and Cocolab to craft an immersive world featuring everyone’s favourite Disney environments, characters, and songs.

Last year, Cocolab approached INTUS to help create a new Lighthouse Immersive experience celebrating a hundred years of Disney Animation by taking the public into the world of Disney movies. The INTUS team specifically helped design interaction for the floor elements and pre-rendered wall scenes at venues in Denver, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Las Vegas, London (Ontario), Minneapolis, Toronto, and Tokyo.

After defining their visual style and types of interactions they wanted to create, the creative team dove right into Notch and began designing generative animations, particle systems, shaders, and other visual effects. INTUS created their interactive setup in TouchDesigner, integrating inputs from lidar sensors to capture user interactions.

The Cocolab team then calibrated and aligned the media to the physical space–a crucial step for achieving accurate tracking and interaction. As visitors played in the space, the sensors and cameras captured their movements and sent relevant data to Notch, from which colours, patterns, animations, and particle behaviours were adjusted in real time.

The creative team sent their final processed visuals to TouchDesigner, which they also used as a media server. Attendees were dropped right into and even play a role in recognisable scenes from Disney’s most beloved classics. The whole team were overwhelmed by the reception and received positive reviews from The Harvard Crimson, Atlanta Magazine, and ABC7.

“It was remarkable to see Disney fans given the power to immerse themselves in their favourite movies and actively engage with different scenes. It’s clear that people thoroughly relished the opportunity to create lasting memories, and we couldn’t have done it without Notch’s ability to handle complex effects and behaviours in such an intuitive manner.”

Gilberto Castro, Director, INTUS

Additional press coverage:
The Harvard Crimson, Atlanta Magazine, ABC7.

Client: Lighthouse Immersive
Production Company: Cocolab
Interactive Design: INTUS
General Direction: Gilberto Castro
Creative Direction: Emmanuel Palacios Sandín

Notch Designers: Gilberto Castro, Jorge Luis Ancheyta, & Edgar Zuñiga
Animators: Juan Manuel Ponce, María Fernanda Patiño Clavel, & Jorge Luis Ancheyta