Project Description

Doja Cat’s The Scarlet Tour

BLINK used every tool and talent at their disposal to create a horror-heavy debut arena tour for their longtime collaborator, Doja Cat.

Though BLINK have worked with Doja Cat for several years now through her virtual performances during the heart of the pandemic, various awards show appearances, and her Coachella 2022 set, it was all just preparation for this: her first-ever arena tour, in which her creative team focused squarely on her raw talent as a rapper and performer.

Creative Director Brett Alan Nelson and Silent House Designer Parker Genoway gave the BLINK team one instruction to guide them in crafting the show: make it terrifying. Intending to make good on their promise, BLINK got to work searching for the right inspiration, sifting through horror movies, occult art, Doja’s music videos, her Instagram, and even her tattoos.

The show combined Notch effects, textural overlays, generated imagery and 3D graphics. Screens Director Christian Lamb added a cinematic dimension with subliminal flashes of footage shot in a studio and lo-fi footage taken on location at a haunted house, all being kept consistent with the additional help of Notch Technical Producer Aron Altmark.

“We all wanted this show to be a really seamless integration of innovative video effects, layered content, and additional details, and Notch was a huge help in tying everything together. We treated every single song with Notch in some way.”

Tom Colbourne, President, BLINK

Additional press coverage:
Variety, The New York Times, Billboard, UPROXX.

Client: Doja Cat
Production Company: BLINK
Production Design: Parker Genoway
Creative Direction: Brett Alan Nelson
Screen Content & Notch Art Director: Kevin Ramser
Screen Content Producers: Kirsten Dickson-McFie & Richard Cullen

Notch Designer: Harold Sherr
Notch Technical Producer: Aron Altmark
Notch Technical Assistant: Corey Froke

Camera Director: Christian Lamb
Screen Content Editor: Rupa Rathod
Video Programmer: Ryan Sheppard
Lighting Designer: Parker Genoway
Lighting Programmer: Dan Norman