Project Description


Desilence and Brodas Bros joined forces once again to combine VJing and dance to create an unprecedented new show touring this autumn.

For their new collaboration with Brodas Bros called Dōji, which means “simultaneous” in Japanese, Desilence set out to create a piece in which visuals, interaction, and dance come together to outwardly express an inner journey blending improvisation with synchronised choreography.

While in earlier productions, the creative team used technology as a tool, for Dōji, they began using it as an instrument. Drawing inspiration from Tai chi and theories about energy and change equally relevant in Taoism and quantum physics, the team applied their ideas practically with a two-week real-time intensive combining Notch, their in-house tracking software, holographic screens, and dancers.

Desilence originally designed the show to be a live performance limiting keyframed timelines and leaning mainly on real-time manipulation, but as ambitions grew and more ideas formed, the project soon took on the potential to go on tour, and the team decided to plot their movements more carefully. The two groups sent music back and forth, and Desilence quickly sketched out visuals in Notch while Brodas Bros solidified the final choreography.

After narrowing down the material to the best audiovisual combinations, Desilence used Millumin as their media server. The show premiered in Madrid in June 2022 and will begin touring in Spain this October, with further dates in France and Germany.

“Notch helped a lot with designing whole (semi-pre-planned) scenes intuitively onstage with performers experimenting and dialling in the result together. Instead of guessing, we could actually try things really quickly to rule design decisions in or out.”

Søren Christensen, Visual Artist, Desilence

Additional press coverage:
Dansa Metropolitana, Recomana.

Artistic Direction: Lluc Fruitós
Choreography: BRODAS BROS
Choreographic Collaboration: Nicolas “Zyco” Monlouis & Maëva “Pocah” Deyroles
Dancers: Berta & Clara Pons, Pol & Lluc Fruitós, Marc Carrizo, & Hector Puigdomenech (Cover)
Visual Artists: Tatiana Halbach & Soren Christensen (Desilence)

Visual Art Direction: Desilence
Dramaturgy Assistance: Alba Florejachs
Scenography: Desilence
Music: Lluc Fruitós & CloZee
Production: Sara Manzano & Rita Molinero
Lighting: Marc Carrizo & Jorge Garcia
Photo: Clara Pons & Sergi Panizo
Video Teaser: Sound Line
Acknowledgements: “Yndra” Willy Barleycorn