Project Description

Eros Ramazzotti’s Battito Infinito World Tour

ROOF Videodesign joined LemonandPepper to create a show dominated by light, shadow, smoke, and particles for Eros Ramazzotti’s latest tour.

LemonandPepper recently curated the stage design and led production for Eros Ramazzotti’s latest tour across the globe supporting his new album, Battito Infinito. Production Manager Giorgio Ioan asked ROOF Videodesign to direct visual content creation with the overall concept of creating a 3D level with a transparent LED display to create an immersive experience with the artist at the centre of it all.

The ROOF team, led by Mikkel Garro Martinsen, used a mix of Notch and stock footage. They used Notch to render out nearly all of their video content at the specific LED wall’s resolution. The team also used Notch as a live preview system to give Ramazzotti a realistic view of what the stage would look like. This not only reduced their render time but also gave them the possibility to correct and adapt their visuals in real time.

After rendering out from Notch, ROOF proceeded to compose scenes in After Effects. During rehearsals, they also created several restrained video effects, keeping in mind that Ramazzotti did not want the onscreen images to be too heavy or over-designed. The team chose Resolume Arena as their media server, which allowed for further flexibility. So far, the tour has been well-received on three continents, and nearly all dates have sold out.

“In several moments of the show, Eros appears behind the LED screen on an elevator surrounded by particles attracted to his position. Due to varying heights of different venues, the attractor point needed to be updated for each gig, and Notch allowed us to adapt quickly and easily with basically no latency.”

Mikkel Garro Martinsen, Video Director, ROOF Videodesign

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Client: RadioRama
Stage Design & Production: LemonandPepper
Video Direction: Mikkel Garro Martinsen (ROOF Videodesign)

Content Creation & Show Programming: Paolo Quintozzi, Mikkel Garro, & Christoph Grigoletti (ROOF Videodesign)
Technical Service: STS Communication
Lighting Designer: Nicola Tallino