Project Description

UEFA Euro 2024 Final Draw

ST. ROBO combined 3D shapes, textures, lighting, and screens to create a sophisticated atmosphere for the Euro 2024 Final Draw in Hamburg.

Before the start of the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship, ST. ROBO carried out video design, direction, and onsite execution of the tournament’s final draw at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. Working closely with Stage Designer Carlo Angelini, Lighting Designer Jerry Appelt, and Production Manager Marco Güntensberger, they aimed to blend their creations with the concert hall’s architecture harmoniously.

ST. ROBO combined 3D shapes with all essential graphic elements for the draw, creating a highly immersive environment. Some parts were pre-rendered, and others were devised in real time with Notch. They also used Notch for video effects, which proved helpful in achieving optimum clarity when magnifying the camera feeds of the UEFA representatives presenting the draw.

With moving light overlays and a matrix of Lightdots on the pre-rendered portions, the team knew they’d need to control and adjust their parameters at the venue. As ST. ROBO’s Philip Hillers said, “The level of flexibility and speed required for this show could only have been possible with Notch.”

“Using Notch, we were able to seamlessly integrate all of our highly detailed 3D shapes into the architecture of the Elbphilharmonie, and it all came together without complication.”

Philip Hillers, Creative Director, ST. ROBO

Client: UEFA
Production Company: BULLITT Productions
Production Manager: Marco Güntensberger
Production Design: Carlo Angelini

Notch Designers: ST. ROBO
Video Directors: ST. ROBO
Video Producers: ST. ROBO
Lighting Designer: Jerry Appelt