Project Description

Garena Free Fire at the 31st Southeast Asian Games

MXC Creative brought together international Esports fans in a colourful and community-centred awards ceremony for the 31st SEA Games.

Having worked with them in the past, Esports advocate and organiser Garena approached MXC Creative about creating a complete visual show for the 31st Southeast Asian Games at the National Convention Center in Hanoi, Vietnam. Garena asked the creative team, led by Le Thanh Tung, known throughout the industry as “Crazy Monkey,” to develop the highest quality large-scale LED graphics in the shortest time possible.

MXC began by using Cinema 4D for 3D modelling and optimisation. They then exported FBX files and imported them right into Notch. After compositing and rendering within Notch, they used After Effects and Premiere for final touch-ups and editing. They incorporated staple images of the battle royale game, Free Fire: saturated purple mountains and orange skies juxtaposed with dystopian, used-future characters and technology.

The awards event brought together contestants, audience members, and staff from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The illuminating combination of screens, lights, and surround sound energised all attending. Many more gathered via social media and expressed appreciation for the sense of community created around the event per its slogan, “for a stronger Southeast Asia.”

“Being able to composite in real time on such a vast LED screen like this was so helpful. We did practically everything like this, and the rest was so easy.”

Cuong Nguyen, Visual Designer & Animator, MXC Creative Studio

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Client: Garena
Creative Director: Le Thanh Tung (Crazy Monkey)
Producer: Tu Anh
Art Director: Mel Tran
Storyboard Artist: Mel Tran

Graphic Design: Mel Tran
Look Development:
Cuong Nguyen
3D Character & Motion Capture: Dolee 3D
3D Design & Animation: Cuong Nguyen
Compositing: Cuong Nguyen
Sound Design: Dolee 3D
Photographer: Dat Thanh Nguyen