Project Description

‘Optimum Optimism’ ITV Idents

Bluman Associates use Notch and XR to explore how motion and colour can affect our brains chemical make-up.

ITV Creates commissioned artist June Mineyama-Smithson (MAMIMU) and neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart to create an ITV ident to raise awareness for Mental Health Week. On a mission to inject optimism into the world, their idea was to create visuals that induce happy hormones using specific colours and motions scientifically proven to have positive effects on the brain. 

June brought Bluman Associates on board to help her create real-time graphics that could run in an immersive XR environment. The team translated Junes 2D graphic assets into 3D animations in Notch, creating three looks that seamlessly flowed into one another. Exposed parameters enabled the team to make changes on set to achieve the best results. The project titled ‘Optimum Optimism’ features a mirrored sculpture that reflects the virtual world around it. Filmed at Bluman Associates in-house XR studio (milkitstudio), the ident features three happiness-inducing looks and behind the scenes footage of how the idea came to life.

“Many elements hadn’t been done before, like working with a reflective surface – it wasn’t straightforward! We made sure that our team of designers created enough exposed parameters in Notch to give us the flexibility to make subtle changes when we were on set.”

Pod Bluman, project director, Bluman Associates

Read the full interview at the Notch Blog.

Additional press coverage:

Artist: June Mineyama-Smithson 
Neuroscientist: Dr Tara Swart
Studio: Milkit xR Lab
Production: Bluman Associates 
xR Technician: Kyle Reseigh 
Notch Artist: Charlie Smith @csmithediting
Notch Artist: Jamie Kenny @kenja_visuals

Special thanks to the wonderful ITV team⁠
Curator: @charliellevine⁠
Producer: Cressida Ranfield⁠
Director: @kevianbatch (@electricrobin)⁠
Director of Photography: @conorog65 (@electricrobin)⁠
ITV Logo Sculpture Production: @ajwellsltd