Project Description

The Euroleague 2021

Ombra World create a high energy pre-game countdown in AR for The Euroleague Final Four.

The team at Filmmaster wanted to create a new pre-game experience for the live broadcast of Europe’s basketball event of the year, The Euroleague Final Four. They brought on Ombra to help them reimagine the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany and excite at-home viewers using impressive AR graphics.

Inspired by the branding of the Euroleague, the team generated ten intricate worlds that represented the many facets of basketball. Lorenzo De Pascalis led the team at Ombra. They began by building models in C4D, capturing motion capture data of players shooting hoops and recording a DJ scratching vinyl against a greenscreen. They imported the various FBX, Alembic files and video files into Notch where the designs were finalised, textured, lit and optimised for live AR broadcast. They chose to combine pre-rendered and live graphics to help them run dynamic adrenaline-inducing scenes at 50fps. The team used Notch as both their creative suite and pre-visualisation tool. They used Notch playback to see how the final elements fit together in AR and discover which parts to expose for live control. The final result was a series of fresh new pre-game looks that transformed the basketball court and drummed up excitement ahead of each match.

“Notch’s creative suite was amazing for this project. It enabled us to art direct all the elements as we wanted in 3D. We could version models quite easily, which streamlined the process for our animators when it came to reacting to feedback from the clients.”

Lorenzo De Pascalis, Creative / Lead Designer, Ombra World

Project Manager: Clara De Paul
Creative Director : Adriano Martella
Creative Team : Giulia Accatino, Giorgia Albani
Production: Tommi Massara
Camera Director & ShowCaller: Vittorio Anelli

Creative / Lead Designer : Lorenzo De Pascalis.
Project Manager : Giulia De Paoli.
Notch Designer : Marco Martignone.
Producer: Massimo Labadini.
Designers: Gianluca Barbiero, Alessandro Doria, Luca Martinelli.
Video Editor: Nic Allstot.

disguise XR Specialist & Programmer: Nicholas Di Fonzo
disguise Specialist: Kevin Buysse

Lighting Designer: Marco Piva
Lighting director: Lorenzo Bassani

Tracking Operator: Andrea Stabile
Tracking Company and Encoders: MoviePeople

Programming Studio and Disguise Rental: ByLEX