Project Description

H&M Loves Coachella 2016

“Visitors blown away by Notch’s real-time capabilities.”

H&M, sponsors of the Coachella Music Festival, commissioned Optimist & BBH to create a unique digital experience as part of their on-site presence. On entering the booth, squads of visitors found themselves dropped in the middle of a digital sandstorm. Visitors were blown at by high-powered fans whilst digitally their forms broke up an away and re-emerged in an abstract scene. Optimist engaged VER to put together a solution that both composited the visitors into the scene and provided an immersive audiovisual experience with wrap around LED panels. Notch was utilised as the generative engine to design, sequence and run both the composited video, but also the LED panels. The end result was an activation that saw thousands of clips captured and delivered to users mobiles, on-site and as part of their Coachella experience.


Event: Coachella Music Festival – H&M Activation
Client: H&M USA
Creative Agency: Optimist, Inc.
Audio Visual: VER
Scenic: Revolution Marketing, LLC

Creative Producer: Jonathan Sager
Technical Manager: Stephan Hambsch
Notch Artist: Jani Isoranta
Integration: Luke Malcolm

Project Category

Events & Installation