Project Description

“Hop Top Show” at Equitana 2023

With nearly fifteen years of experience working for the Equitana trade show, LUPIXX used Notch to make more creative breakthroughs than ever before.

Sophie Horstmann and Tina Uetz asked LUPIXX to design visuals for Equitana, the largest horse trade fair in the world, which takes place every other year in Essen, Germany. LUPIXX has a long history of working with this team, having helmed creative production for Equitana’s “Hop Top Show” since 2009 when Equitana installed their first LED wall.

After developing a mood board alongside the show’s creators, the studio set out to underline the beauty of each individual horse, make something that would catch audiences from all over the world by surprise, and leave people feeling changed. LUPIXX’s Saskia Olma and Vlad Befus set up scenes in Notch and rendered out files to be played on a Hippotizer Boreal+ MK2.

They had used Cinema 4D in previous years but found, with Notch, they could make changes up to the last minute–a discovery they’ve expressed is invaluable. They painted their large canvas with starry skies brought to life by particles, rocky landscapes on the horizon of a red desert, and cliffside seascapes. Their combined efforts were a great success, with Equestrian Magazine calling the final result “one of the best horse shows in the world.”

“For this project, we rendered out all files, and Notch was still a huge time-saver. Each change at every step of the process was just as simple to complete as any other.”

Saskia Olma, Video Director, LUPIXX

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Client: RX Global
Creative Direction: Christina Uetz & Sophie Horstmann

Production Company: LUPIXX
Notch Designer: Saskia Olma & Vlad Befus
Lighting Designer: Ollie Olma
Photography: Amy Haghebaert