Project Description

Jellyfish Box

VPM Creative Lab invited the Catalan public to an immersive experience championing digital democracy and accessibility in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Recently, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat City Council asked VPM Creative Lab to create an immersive installation to spread awareness of the L’Hospitalet 6.0 project–a campaign advocating for digital inclusion in Catalonia’s second-largest city. The council wanted to clearly communicate the city’s efforts to bring the latest technology to all citizens without exclusion.

VPM Creative Lab immediately had the idea to create a closed space in which viewers would be enveloped by surrounding projections. They specifically drew up plans for a box with projections on a front wall and two sides and designed all scenes with a camera-mapping effect between the three screens. They combined point clouds and wireframe material with a glow effect to achieve a guiding aesthetic.

Hoping to transcend the sum of their data, VPM also developed a strong narrative to make the most of their chosen format. The city council proposed they use the symbol of the city, the Medusa of Greek mythology, depicted on a 2nd-century CE funerary monument famously discovered in L’Hospitalet. As medusa is also the Catalan word for jellyfish, the creative team used jellyfish as their central graphical element and told a story linking the city’s rich past to the present.

VPM designed scenes and objects in Cinema 4D and proceeded to animate their raw material in Notch. Additionally, they used Notch for the bulk of post-production and all visual effects. They cut the resulting pieces with Premiere and designed all sound with Ableton Live, delivering the final piece with Resolume as their media server. The installation was attended and well-received by the majority of L’Hospitalet’s tight-knit community and beyond.

“Notch helped us solve a lot of problems in the way of particle systems while reducing the overall time it took to finish the project and allowing us to take spectators deeper into the ethereal world we wanted to create.”

Javier Cañal, Art Director, VPM Creative Lab

Additional press coverage:
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Client: L’Hospitalet de Llobregat City Council
Production Company: VPM Creative Lab
Production Designer: Daniel Marzo Ortega
Creative Director: Daniel Marzo Ortega

Production Manager: Hugo Roberto Ulloa Reinoso
Notch Designer: VPM Creative Lab
Video Director: VPM Creative Lab
Sound Designer: Christian Marín Pérez