Project Description

The Jonas Brothers’ Five Albums. One Night. World Tour

Hidden Road Studios used Notch to retain full flexibility throughout the Jonas Brothers’ marathon tour spanning five albums and five continents.

Last year, Silent House Group’s Alex Reardon asked Hidden Road Studios to create all the video content for the Jonas Brothers’ most recent tour through five continents. Though the tour followed their most recent release, The Album, the three-hour-long show included performances of every song ever released by the band.

With sixty-seven songs to play every night, the band wanted the music to be the focus. The Hidden Road team began with a large, wide LED screen placed above Reardon’s stage design and split into one, two, or three panels (depending on the song) directly in Notch, allowing the camera team to frame Joe, Nick, and Kevin at the same time no matter where they were on the stage.

Creative and Musical Director Chase Foster stressed that the key to this show would be subtlety. The greatest challenge was getting each section, song, and medley to stand out without being heavy-handed. With some parts lasting more than ten minutes and others lasting hardly any time at all, Hidden Road found Notch’s exposed parameters helpful for creating nuances they could adjust live.

As Notch Designer Rowan Glenn explained, “Adding visual interest while keeping the talent recognisable is a lot more complicated than most people would expect. For example, we had the best kaleidoscope effect we’d ever made, but by the end of rehearsals, the strength of it was lowered to just five per cent. Notch made it easy to preserve our creations while still pleasing the client.”

“Notch is the most powerful way of approaching the flexibility that the industry expects. With Notch, we could refine our visuals night after night, adding or subtracting as necessary until we found a rhythm that suited the music perfectly.”

Rowan Glenn, Notch Designer, Hidden Road Studios

Additional press coverage:
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Client: Jonas Brothers
Production Company: Silent House Group
Production Design: Alex Reardon & Baz Halpin
Creative Direction: Chase Foster & Alex Reardon
Video Content: Hidden Road Studios

Notch Designer: Rowan Glenn
Server Programmer: Manuel Conde
Server Operator: Dwain Bennett
Lighting Designer: Alex Reardon
Lighting Director: Mark Humphrey
Design Support: Eric Marchwinski