Project Description


MJL VISIONS made visuals to accompany a debut tour for KAYTRAMINÉ and their hit album to close out summer 2023.

Earlier this year, DJ-producer KAYTRANADA and rapper-singer Aminé released a collaborative album, KAYTRAMINÉ, whose rave reviews led to a five-show tour in their respective hometowns of Montreal and Portland as well as Chicago, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. Jaycob Luque of MJL VISIONS headed up creative and technical direction, aiming to visually interpret the album’s hard-hitting yet nostalgic sound.

As Luque explained, the creative team aimed to provide “constant eye candy” while keeping the focus locked in on the duo’s high-energy stage presence. Using custom content that embedded camera looks with Notch was vital to the process. To avoid a clean camera feed throughout the show, Notch Designers Chase O’Black and Patrick Wala build multiple film-simulating sequences complete with grain, manipulated frame rates, grading, and more.

They also used Notch’s Virtual Background to further blend their sculpted effects with the video feed of Kay and Aminé. Video Director Tamir Schlanger used Resolume as their media server, and the final material, courtesy of Eddie Perez and his team of animators and artists, brought the show together for an experience that effortlessly fused good vibes with precise artistry.

“This album speaks for itself, and with Notch, we could easily make visuals that stood out and complemented the high quality of the songs and our rendered 3D content.”

Jaycob Luque, Creative & Technical Director, MJL VISIONS

Additional press coverage:
NPR, The Guardian, NME, Uproxx.

Creative and Technical Direction: Jaycob Luque of MJL VISIONS
Creative Producer and Content Director: Eddie Perez
Video and Notch Director: Tamir Schlanger
Lighting and Stage Design: Jaycob Luque of MJL VISIONS
Production Manager and Drafting: Nate Rebolledo of SOS BOOKING & PRODUCTION

Tour Managers: Tamir Schlanger & Cory Rhodes
Content Artists: Eddie Perez, Frank Xavier, Marcus Emery, & Konnor at
Digital Kontrol
Notch FX: Chase O’Black & Patrick Wala
Camera Operators: Ryan Stanton, Brianna Nakatani, & Christina Chi Craig
Management: William Robillard Cole of WRC, Tamir Schlanger, Justin Lehmann of Mischief Management, & Ryan Stanton
Agent: Evan Hancock of Wasserman Music