Project Description

The King’s Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle

This May, NorthHouse made a vast collection of content to complement a show commemorating the beginning of King Charles’s reign.

Early this year, BBC Studios approached NorthHouse to create visuals for the hour-and-a-half King’s Coronation Concert, a celebration of His Majesty King Charles III broadcast on BBC One and featuring performances from major artists such as Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Take That as well as narrative moments exploring subjects close to the King’s heart.

BBC Studios asked NorthHouse to design and create projection and screen visuals for the concert, which took place in the back garden of Windsor Castle. They were responsible for the castle projection and the 12K LED banner over the stage. Having worked on last year’s Platinum Jubilee, the NorthHouse team knew what to expect and were ready to craft something even more sophisticated.

NorthHouse were particularly inspired by the King’s own watercolours and used them as a starting point for their mood boards. The creative team used Notch with Adobe Suite, Cinema4D, and Unreal Engine to transform the paintings and create many bespoke 2D and 3D visuals for the show, with Notch providing 3D asset creation, particle effects and rendering. They also used Notch and Unreal together to quickly iterate and adapt ideas to the architecture of the castle and set.

Millions across the UK and worldwide tuned in to watch. The Telegraph summarised the show as “science fiction with a fantasy feudal twist, spectacular back projections on the castle walls creating mind-bending vistas beneath the darkening sky.”

“Notch was great for creating assets such as particles and motion graphics that we could composite into an overall edit for each track. Combining Notch with Unreal made for a fast on-site workflow.”

Tom Bairstow, Founder & Creative Director, NorthHouse

Additional press coverage:
The Independent, The Telegraph, The i.

Client: BBC Studios
LED Screen & Projection Visuals: NorthHouse
NorthHouse Team (in alphabetical order):
Tom Bairstow 
Alice Best 
Lydia Caplan 
Dana Couling 
Laura Clark 
Dale Croft 
Emile Freeman
Ross Flynn

Chris Gaughran
Liam Gilheany 
Lee Gregory
Aaron Honda
Ash Kayser 
Florian Lecoq
Alessio Monaco 
Dan Richards 
Alice Ryland
Roxanne Silverwood 
Catherine Woodhouse