Project Description

Light Up Vietnam 2022

MXC Creative Studio used Notch to create a stunning three-act arena concert in Ho Chi Minh City earlier this year.

When VPBank approached MXC Creative Studio about linking up with Zeit Media to create performance visuals for Light Up Vietnam 2022, they asked the production team for something cheerful, colourful, and massive. Along with their brief, the client also provided a whole storyline, aesthetic references, pixel-mapped LEDs, and even a graphic toolkit.

MXC’s approach was simple: if a visual fit the stage, they’d keep it. With such a large canvas, they knew they’d need eye-catching objects and vibrant colours to keep the audience engaged. After receiving the complete plan for the LED stage, the team drew a storyboard to guide where to place their visual assets and animation.

With approval from the client, they modelled and optimised objects in Cinema 4D and used Notch for animation, rendering, and compositing. As they worked their way through the project, they also created, masked, and rendered a few scenes directly in Notch.

They needed to make something impressive, as this was the biggest music show in Vietnam since the COVID-19 pandemic. After the show’s success, due also in part to performances by Hoang Dung, My Anh, and Toc Tien, it was considered the “comeback” event of the country’s live events industry. Despite the gravity of the show, MXC found that they could create and experiment freely within Notch.

“Notch is always the silent hero of our team’s shows. It helps us not only in creating but also maintaining control of scenes, tweaking material, and developing workflows.”

Cuong Nguyen, Notch Designer & Animator, MXC Creative Studio

Additional press coverage:
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Client: VPBank
Production Companies: Zeit Media & MXC Creative Studio
Director: Dương Mai Việt Anh

Producer: Thuy Pham
Art Director: Mel Tran
Storyboard Artist: Mel Tran
Notch Designer: Cuong Nguyen
Animator: Cuong Nguyen