Project Description

CamelPhat at Creamfields

Boxcat Studio and Vision Factory unite to deliver an unforgettable festival performance combining the power of Notch with Resolume

Alex Wilson of Boxcat Studio had Steel Yard at Creamfields on his bucket list and in 2021 he managed to tick it off via UK-based Deep House act CamelPhat’s 2021 performance at Creamfields. High spec IMAGs were a top priority for this performance, so Notch was chosen to create a set of effects and looks that would be easy to implement on the day, as well as to add to their growing library of custom content for live shows.

During the show, Boxcat combined Notch with Resolume to create a combination of pre-rendered video with high quality real-time rendering in Notch. The team were able to create visuals that they hadn’t tried before, including intricate particle-driven scenes, and as in the end helped make the CamelPhat performance hugely memorable.

CamelPhat on stage

“We created versions for both the touring rig and a “festival” version. So having the ability to make changes quickly was key here. Notch gave us the ability to change things much faster compared to other software workflows.”

Alex Wilson, Boxcat Studio

Client: Boxcat Studios
Creative : Sam Tozer (Vision Factory)
Production and Tour Management : NTRP
Video Design and Playback : Boxcat Studio
Notch Programming : Boxcat Studio
Lighting Design : Alexander Hesse
Photos : Lanty Zang