Project Description

Lollapalooza India

Working with countless international artists, Wolves set a new standard in scope at India’s first edition of Lollapalooza in Mumbai.

For India’s first-ever Lollapalooza, festival promoter BookMyShow–supported by Perry Farrell, WME, and C3 Presents–approached Wolves, hoping to create a direct replication in stage design, programming, and brand ethos as the Chicago festival. Promising to bridge the gap between local and international talent, the festival featured diverse headliners such as Imagine Dragons, Greta Van Fleet, AP Dhillon, The Strokes, and Jackson Wang.

As Notch Designer Jash Reen explained, India has seen a large influx of music festivals recently. With expectations high, the Lollapalooza directors wanted to give each act a larger-than-life presentation. They asked for a standard 21:9 screen in the centre of the stage and two vertical screens for video effects on either side. The creative team ensured that all visuals would flow into the upstage wall seamlessly.

Wolves created a set of effects thematically related to the elements, including a wind-based trail effect for choreographed dance sequences and fiery post filters for highlighting solo artists. The team found it easy to fly through layers and layers of effects. For further accessibility, they integrated an iPad Pro, which allowed for easy touch control.

The Background Remover made it easy to gauge which effects would integrate well with other visuals before sending them to the upstage wall. Wolves keyed effects in teal and red over Japanese cyberpunk-inspired characters, arriving at a dystopian final product that set a precedent for future festivals.

“In just an hour of changeover time, we were able to seamlessly recreate preferred Notch looks in time for Jackson Wang’s show. It ended up looking great and locked in with the rest of the content of the set as if it was always part of the plan.”

Jash Reen, Notch Designer, Wolves

Additional press coverage:
The Independent, The Hindu, IQ Magazine.

Clients: Lollapalooza & BookMyShow
Creative Director: Joshua Dmello

Notch Designer: Jash Reen
Video Director: Aaron Dmello
Photographer: Sairaj Kamath