Project Description

Loop’s ‘Fermion’ Music Video

A music video for the band ‘Loop’ that used the NVIDIA powered Virtual Background feature to create the effect of the actor being ‘different’ or ‘confused’ by his surroundings.

The band requested the video to give an intense and messy feel, allowing the viewer to understand the LSD like trip the actor was experiencing.

Notch’s ability to add effects to both recorded and live video served as the starting point. The NVIDIA-powered Virtual Background feature in Notch became the foundation for a variety of real-time effects meant to bridge reality and the digital realm.

Notch allowed Kyle Reseigh at Bluman Associates Ltd to watch the actor freely whilst filming, without rushing to make changes. He could see the emotions or themes being portrayed, allowing time to plan later looks around that – like having a live-action storyboard.

The most crucial factor was not overwriting the performance and instead adding more visual narratives to the shot. The ability to view the final result at every step of productions helped resolve any knowledge gaps between the designers and production team, and as it was all software-based, there were no surprise limitations, giving the creators confidence the project could be completed in one day at the studio.

“One of the things that attracted me to working with Notch (and with Bluman Associates as Notch designers) was the ability to create this merging in real-time, almost as if the computer was creating things for me and taking me down a route that I was not expecting.”

Ben Unwin, Director and Editor

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Client: LOOP
Director & Editor – Ben Unwin
Director of Photography – Gabi Norland
VFX Supervisor/Notch Designer – Kyle Reseigh
Colourist – Max Ferguson-Hook at Time Based Arts

Assistant Camera – Irene Sinou
Sound recordist – Emma Giacalone
Sound Mix – Brendan Crehan
Actor and voyager into the unknown – Alex Walton
Production Company – Bluman Associates Ltd.