Project Description

Macan’s Stadium Tour 2023

-.618 and OOPS TEAM created audio-reactive content for Macan as part of the rapper’s latest and largest stadium tour.

Under the guidance of Art Director Alexander Skorik, -.618 and OOPS TEAM created ten unique video compositions and eight audio-reactive patches to visually accompany the music of rapper Macan on his latest tour. The team sought to develop an aesthetic at the intersection of pop art and punk while avoiding pure abstraction and being unsubtle about the meanings behind the artist’s songs.

Skorik’s team transformed images with colour, light, and particles, as well as simple and complex three-dimensional animated elements. They took the rapper’s vivid lyrics as their main inspiration, continually transforming the inner scenes and emotions described by the artist into visual representations that vibrantly illustrated the passion behind each line.

In some compositions, the creative team used three-dimensional paintings made using a neural network as their reference and processed using Notch. Combined with dynamic cameras, these images created an overall immersive effect that made the audience feel like they were flying through the artist’s living memories. The final visuals blended perfectly with the added light, fog, and pyrotechnics that mesmerised audiences.

“With the help of Notch, we could integrate animated three-dimensional elements and dynamic cameras into our audio-reactive content to add vitality and enhance the ‘wow effect’ of all our video and the final show.”

Alexander Skorik, Creative Director, -.618

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Client: Macan
in collaboration with OOPS TEAM
Creative Director: Alexander Skorik
Technical Director: Andrey Rudakov
Art Director: Dmitriy Papiz

Creative Producers: Alexey Zhuravlev & Yana Ekk
Notch Graphic Artists: Dmitriy Papiz, Igor Luganskiy, & Anastasia Voronaya
Video Case: Timur Mametov