Project Description

Marteria’s Vollkontakt Tour

ST. ROBO kept audiences guessing with a club-inspired show on a sold-out arena circuit for their longtime collaborator, Marteria.

Having worked with Marteria for years, ST. ROBO teamed up with Music Director Roy Knauf to develop a visual concept for the German rapper’s latest tour. Because the entire team had been together for so long, ST. ROBO had extensive creative freedom in designing the show. As Marteria took his sound in a more electronic direction with his new album, 5. DIMENSION, the creative team decided to bring an intimate club feeling to the large arenas and festival stages.

ST. ROBO rendered most of the visuals in After Effects and combined them with Notch layers and setups. They used the Background Remover, aiming to combine their separate layers as seamlessly as possible. For their screen looks, they focused mainly on animated, and distorted typography elements often used as masks or overlays for effects setups.

Notch Designers Markus Eibl and Philip Hillers combined varying hues of blue and red with overlaid videos and camera feeds that created a collage-like effect. Manipulating and duplicating at various points throughout the show added to the cut-and-paste juxtaposition. To top it off, they peppered warping, 8-bit psychedelia transitions that unified their images. The final product kept the crowd and the artist himself on their feet and surprised with each new sequence.

“We love the endless possibilities the Notch workflow offers. It has completely changed our approach to content creation.”

Philip Hillers, Creative Director, ST. ROBO

Additional press coverage:
Frachtwerk, Radio FM4.

Production Company: DREAMHAUS
Production Design: ST. ROBO
Creative Direction: ST. ROBO
Tour Manager: Tobias Regel
Production Managers: Sven Strickert & Tobias Busskamp

Notch Designers: Markus Eibl & Philip Hillers
Video Director: Philip Hillers
Animators: Philip Hillers & Valentin Lübbert
Lighting Designer: Nik Evers
Disguise Operator: Hannes Geers
Disguise Tech: Justus Pannek
Photographers: Kristian Sickinger, Chris Schwarz, Emelie Reiss, & Bastian Bochinski