Project Description

Mary Gu’s Autumn 2023 Tour

OOPS TEAM used mind-bending aerial views to show off all sides of Mary Gu and her band for their latest tour.

Last autumn, Mary Gu and her team approached OOPS TEAM requesting stage design, programming, video effects, and screen visuals for the artist’s coming solo tour. OOPS TEAM’s designers envisioned a concept that would allow audiences to see the show from an angle atypical of a show like this.

The creative team placed the musicians on an LED floor and installed a screen behind them with a 4K camera wielding a wide-angle lens suspended directly above the band; this way, they could stream the top-view image to the screen in the background.

The team used Notch to develop their visual ideas and quickly arrived at an overall style and dynamic. Combining a live video feed with generative graphics, they blurred the lines between the two—and kept things just abstract enough—until they had a harmonious balance that complemented the performance while keeping Mary and the clarity of her creative vision at the forefront.

For one of the songs, it was essential to convey the presence of a guest artist who could not perform at the concert. After experimenting with different composition methods in Notch, they swiftly discovered a solution that combined real-time graphics and effects with studio videography of the featured vocalist.

“We try to pay great attention to visuals and consider them an integral element of our shows. Video effects and real-time graphics have become especially important, and we can easily experiment and find solutions for them in Notch.”

Yana Ekk, Project Manager, OOPS TEAM

Additional press coverage:
Photos by Maria Uoker, OOPS TEAM.

Client: Mary Gu
Promoter: Sergey Neyaskin,
Creative Direction: OOPS TEAM
Creative Producer: Alexey Zhuravlev

Project Manager: Yana Ekk
Notch Artist & Video Programmer: Anastasia Voronaya

Stage & Lighting Designer: Katerina Kokurina
Technical Direction: Gusar Production