Project Description

Machine Gun Kelly’s European Tour 2023

Raw Cereal pushed Machine Gun Kelly’s vibrant visual identity forward to create a layered show with the artist’s personality front and centre.

When Raw Cereal were asked to create visuals for Machine Gun Kelly’s 2023 summer tour across Europe, they were simply told to mesmerise audiences. But working with other creative teams pushed them to create something greater by redefining MGK’s live performance by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge real-time effects, meticulous artistic design, and IMAG treatments.

The creative team recognised that MGK’s style demanded an equally dynamic and vibrant visual presentation. They drew inspiration from pop art, anime, and the ever-evolving punk spirit the artist has identified with from the beginning. They looked to MGK’s music videos and determined how Notch could bring them to life, harnessing the flexibility, adaptability, and extensive range achievable with a real-time workflow.

The team ran the entire show on laptops, so they had to do a lot of optimisation to ensure they ran at low latency, with which Notch’s built-in performance profiler helped immensely. With so many design elements coinciding, the creative team also had to be sure they didn’t lose the artist among the stage elements, including the sixteen-foot pyramid centrepiece. However, the team found they could easily manipulate their video effects with Notch, and they were able to continuously shine the spotlight on MGK throughout the performance.

Audiences loved the fusion of synchronised animations and immersive environments that elevated the concert experience. Most of all, they were struck by the unexpected familiarity with the music video looks, which unified old and new fans for an unforgettable spectacle. 

“Through the transformative capabilities of Notch, we were able to craft captivating visuals that seamlessly evolved and adapted, enhancing the overall impact of the show.”

Cort Lawrence, Creative Director, Raw Cereal

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Client: Machine Gun Kelly
Creative Direction and Production Design: Raw Cereal
Video Programmer and Notch Creator: Austin Schneider
Art Director and Content Creator: Natalie Hall 
Technical Drawings: Jacob VanVlymen
Lighting Programmer and Show Operator: Jake Roeber

Content Creators: 
Billy Woods

Taylor Ross (Frustum Virtual)
Agustin Esquibel
Raul Chavez
Caisar Hadi

Brian Egan

Lighting: Entec Live
Video: 4wall
Scenic Build and Staging: TAIT
SFX and Lasers: ER Productions
Audio: Clair Global

Production Manager: Josh Gelfond