Project Description

Muse’s Will of the People World Tour

Longtime collaborators Muse and Hidden Road Studios set stage and screen ablaze for a nearly two-year world tour.

Having worked with them for years, Hidden Road Studios once again teamed up with Muse for their latest world tour. Creative Director Jesse Lee Stout asked for a top-tier camera show wherein Notch-effected video served as the basis of the visual material. They aimed to transfer the energy the band has exuded night after night for years to the screens at each venue.

To accomplish this monumental task, they used sixteen cameras, which left no inch of the stage uncovered. In addition to every kind of angle, they employed subtle and overt video effects depending on the song. With direction from Metaform Studio, the Hidden Road team began iterating different ideas to explore every possibility with every tool.

However, they knew this tour would last nearly two years; they also knew the band would play inside both arenas and outdoor stadiums and, as a result, have constantly changing lighting conditions. To combat this immediate challenge, they decided to build everything globally so that what they created would work in every venue, no matter the time of day or location.

NME referred to Muse’s performance in The Hague as “a ferocious and compulsive rock show for the masses.” As Hidden Road’s Tom Kirk explains, “We heard a lot of ‘How did you do that?!’ from both the audience and our peers, which is always a good sign. The screens were enormous, and with video being the show’s main focal point, our work stood out firmly. We’ve had some great feedback.”

“Every tour, we are asked to create something that initially seems impossible. Using Notch, we can find an approach that makes anything a reality. It gives you unlimited opportunity to learn and one-up yourself from the previous tour.”

Rowan Glenn, Notch Designer, Hidden Road Studios

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Client: Muse
Production Design: Metaform Studio
Creative Direction: Jesse Lee Stout
Notch Designer: Rowan Glenn

Video Director: Tom Kirk
Video Producers: Hidden Road Studios
Additional Content: Frame 48
Lighting Designer: Sooner Routhier