Project Description

Nell’s Room 2022 at Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium

AMBERIN and HAKUNAMATATA designed a striking laser show for the twentieth consecutive edition of Nell’s year-end rock show in Seoul.

AMBERIN, who have produced performance videos for rock band Nell for several years, recently headed up production for the band’s year-end concert, Nell’s Room, at Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea. The event was no first for the band, having performed the same show each year since 2003, so the creative team knew there would be high expectations.

Working with regular collaborators HAKUNAMATATA, AMBERIN designed the stage with a giant LED screen wrapped around the walls of the room and four kinetic, square frames. This year, they tried a lot of new techniques, implementing interactive elements between stage setups and videos and crafting a multitude of special effects. They used Notch as their primary video production programme along with Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, Adobe Creative Suite, and more.

Notch Designer AITA aimed to present the audience with a wholly new visual production–a difficult feat considering the band and show’s legendary status. The creative team planned an interactive production between lasers and videos during the song “Home,” and with Notch, they were able to streamline the whole process.

The AMBERIN team used Notch with a disguise vx 4 media server to drive the interactive laser elements as well as the IMAG effects. Their fresh updates and eye for detail exceeded the expectations of the audience and even the artists themselves.

“Notch’s support for many different protocols allowed for a lot of interactivity with stage setups and millions of particles in line with our artists’ preferences. Its real-time rendering and ability to create pixel maps for large screens were invaluable assets of our creative workflow.”

AITA, Notch Designer, AMBERIN

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Client: Nell
Production Company: HAKUNAMATATA
Director: Sanghyun Oh
Video Design: AMBERIN
Video Producer: Jinhee Bae
Video Director: Vincent Kim
Notch Designer: AITA
Motion Design & Art Direction: AMBERIN (Vincent Kim, Sangbum Kim, Seola Hwang, AITA, Sunghoon Heo, Haneul Han, Changui Hong, Jihee Han, Minchae Kim, & Dong Eun Lee)

Media Server Operator & Simulator: Seola Hwang
Lighting Designer: Jihoon Kim
Scenic Designer: Jaehun You