Project Description


T2 Visuals combines Notch, Kinect cameras and TouchDesigner to recreate an otherworldly at-home festival experience.

Motion graphics artist Tanner Thompson used his experience of live concert design to create a series of virtual productions for EDM artist NGHTMRE. With NGHTMRE’S US tour ‘Portal’ cut short, Tanner rolled with the punches and created an online experience inspired by the real-life tour. Tanners team at T2 Visuals were able to accomplish a high level of production with only a couple of people in the room.

The shows so far have used Kinect cameras to teleport NGHTMRE to otherworldly stages created by Tanner and his team using Notch and C4D. For the virtual Lollapalooza festival, T2 Visuals re-recreated the Chicago skyline using photogrammetry techniques rendered in Notch. A custom Notch x TouchDesigner workflow allowed Tanner dynamic control of the camera moves and NGHTMRE’s lighting designer control of the virtual lights using a physical GrandMA.

“Notch has been my tool of choice over the past few years. I can quickly go from an idea to a polished product. NGHTMRE’s virtual sets are a prime example of that. The entire process from pitch to recording took just over a month. All of this happened from a week or two of experimentation, and we were able to develop a show very quickly. I would not have been able to pull this off without the speed and flexibility that Notch allows.”

Tanner Thompson, director, T2 Visuals

Additional press coverage:
Forbes, TPI

Production Company: T2 Visuals
Production Design: T2 Visuals
Creative Direction: Tanner Thompson
Technical Direction: Tanner Thompson
Notch Designer: Tanner Thompson, Christopher May, Dayton Turney
Touchdesigner Programming: Tanner Thompson, Pete Thornbury
Lollapalooza + Portal Tour Lighting Designer: Kendrick Su

FOH Modeling: Max McDougall
Digital Mirage VJ: Christopher May
Lollapalooza VJ: Tanner Thompson
Lollapalooza Photogrammetry: Matt Guertin
Portal Tour VJ: David Adato
Portal Tour Animations: Tanner Thompson, Dayton Turney, Christopher May, Lee Gregory, Nolan Martin, George Chiesa, Stephen Spaeth, Tyler Fordham
Media Server: T2 Visuals Custom Build – TouchDesigner + Resolume