Project Description

Nike Air Max Day – Interactive Waveform

Lorenzo Venturini complemented Nike’s universally recognised brand identity with an interactive piece at the centre of Dubai Mall for Air Max Day.

In 2022, Fix8Group commissioned Notch Designer Lorenzo Venturini to create an interactive installation for Nike’s Air Max Day at Dubai Mall. For Interactive Waveform, Fix8Group asked the artist to integrate the prestigious Nike brand into a visual representation of spectator-driven spheres on a table controller at the centre of the exhibition space, the result of which would be a generated visual and musical mix unique to each interaction.

The team developed the project with the goal of creating a harmonious balance between dynamic graphic effects and alterations, all driven by random audio inputs generated by users. Venturini aimed to combine technical complexity with visually appealing aesthetics and an easy-to-understand interface.

He began with a simple, inactive 3D object representing basic forms and applied distortions, effects, and colours shaped by visual and aural combinations which would activate as the users combined the spheres in different combinations. Purples, pinks, greens, blues, and oranges subtly filled the room’s white walls to provide an equally futuristic and comforting environment.

The team used a custom media server where an operator could intervene as necessary. Notch gave the team the speed and confidence to assemble a project that surpassed expectations. The final show successfully translated the dynamism and energy associated with Nike into an engaging experience attended by all ages. Participants even received their own copy of the artwork at the centre of it all via a digitally redeemable QR code–a memento which made the event even more satisfying.

“With Notch, I could finish this project in just two weeks while maintaining the highest quality output. It streamlined the process, allowing me to focus on interactivity from the start.”

Lorenzo Venturini, Notch Designer, ROOF Videodesign

Additional press coverage:
Fix8Group, HATTER Agency.

Client: Fix8Group
Studio: ROOF Videodesign
Concept: Fix8Group

Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini
Photos & Video: Fix8 Group & HATTER Agency