Project Description

Nitro’s OUTSIDER Album Launch at GameStop Milano

Holy Club created immersive and interactive visuals for the launch of Nitro’s latest album hosted at GameStop’s new flagship store in Milan.

To promote the launch of Italian rapper Nitro’s latest album, OUTSIDER, Holy Club created an immersive experience coinciding with the opening of GameStop’s flagship store in Milan, which served as the project’s venue. Holy Club set out to harmonise Nitro’s music with captivating visuals to amplify the impact of the rapper’s release and the store’s inauguration.

Holy Club immediately saw the potential in the store’s brand-new LED walls. Combining them with Notch, the creative team crafted mesmerising simulations with real-time particles, beginning by analysing the sound of Nitro’s new work and the album’s chosen visual themes, which formed the bedrock of their creative direction. From there, they selected imagery with the most potential to integrate seamlessly into the walls and form an interactive space.

The team used Notch as their primary software for producing their self-described “visual tapestry.” They also incorporated TouchDesigner for specific details. For a companion piece at the same venue, they used a brainwave-detecting helmet to capture data from customers wishing to participate and synchronised said data with their real-time generative imagery. The joint launch was well-attended and positively received, with audiences overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the singular fusion of visual art, music, and technology.

“Notch’s ability to handle real-time data streams played a pivotal role in the success of these projects. It was particularly critical when integrating brainwave data with visual processing.”

Adriano Lombardo, Production Designer & Notch Designer, Holy Club

Additional press coverage:
IGN Italy, Everyeye.

Clients: GameStop & Nitro
Production Company: Holy Club

Production Designer: Adriano Lombardo
Creative Direction: Holy Club
Notch Designer: Adriano Lombardo