Project Description

Oques Grasses at the Palau Sant Jordi

NOXFERA and DannyFM experimented with light, shadow, depth, and theatricality for Oques Grasses’ most significant show to date in Barcelona.

Earlier in 2022, the NOXFERA team and Notch Designer Daniel “Danny FM” Fernandez met with the members of Oques Grasses in anticipation of their tenth-anniversary gig at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi. With little more than a month to create their show, the bandmates were deeply invested, explaining what they wanted the visuals to look like for each song.

The creative team aimed to make the stage appear as deep as possible while giving a theatrical flare to the stage. The team used a triangular screen as the primary point at centre stage. Between the musicians, they used smaller LED screens to highlight and enhance certain standout moments from each band member. They mainly wanted to keep things multifaceted, and, at different points throughout the show, they used the screens as backlights, backdrops, cycloramas, or for traditional visual effects.

As Fernandez explained, he used the gx 2c server, which allowed him to expose parameters and make final adjustments. Fernandez used Notch to create and mix 3D materials, 2D images, and visual effects. He used Cinema 4D to adjust geometry and After Effects to edit video but processed all final output through Notch.

An evolutionary leap for Oques Grasses, this performance was the band’s first show with visual accompaniment. Because both the audience and media were completely surprised by the final product, they generated a lot of buzz over social media and international news outlets.

“For this project, the built-in Notch modifiers sped up the creation process and allowed us to make something interesting without having to keyframe everything.”

Daniel Fernandez, Notch Designer

Additional press coverage:
RAC1, Mondo Sonoro, El Nacional, Ara.

Client: Oques Grasses
Production Companies: Èxits Management & Produccions, Halley Records, & Fourni Produccions
Production Design: NOXFERA STD
Production Manager: David Espert
Creative Direction: NOXFERA STD & DannyFM

Notch Designer: Daniel Fernandez (DannyFM)
disguise Programmer: Daniel Fernandez (DannyFM)
Video Director: Laura Díaz Rodriguez
Lighting Design: NOXFERA STD
Scenography: Cristina Castellà
Photography: Edu Morató Vila & Pau Griera