Project Description

Pantone Color of the Year at ARTECHOUSE

Emmett Feldman worked with ARTECHOUSE to immerse audiences in stimulating yet tranquil landscapes colored by Pantone’s winning hue of periwinkle.

When ARTECHOUSE asked Designer/Director Emmett Feldman to create an immersive show for one of their recent colors of the year, Very Peri, Feldman created seven environments bringing out the best of the color in a subtle, ambient experience lasting fifteen minutes with a resolution greater than 20K.

The overall vision was to envelop audiences in a positive, blue-purple glow, illustrated by meditative coral reefs, windswept landscapes, textured particle paintings, and typographic mantras—all informed by keyword descriptors inspired by the color: “Altered Landscape of Possibilities,” “Personal Inventiveness and Creativity,” and “Expansive Possibilities.”

To achieve the widest variety, Feldman combined Notch and Cinema 4D in designing, animating, and rendering. He heavily implemented Notch’s particle systems, which allowed for over 20 million real-time particles. He also built geometric landscapes and used StyleGAN-animated textures as particle emission sources.

Both ARTECHOUSE and Pantone were impressed by the extent to which the artist used one color to create such a vast series of expanses. In Feldman’s own words, “It felt good to add a small amount of positivity back into the world as things started to open up again after the pandemic.”

“With just a month to design, animate, and render a fifteen-minute installation with a resolution of more than 20K, I knew Notch was the tool for the job. Its real-time environment and super-fast renders allowed me to stay creative and hit the tight deadline.”

Emmett Feldman, Designer/Director

Additional press coverage:
TimeOut, Artnet News.

Client: Pantone
Production Company: ARTECHOUSE

Creative Direction: Riki Kim
Designer/Director: Emmett Feldman