Project Description


Desilence brought audiences across two continents into the world of their dreams in an installation on the unreliability of memory.

Over the past few months, Desilence have presented their new installation, Paramnésico, whose title they derived from paramnesia, a term used in psychology to describe a distortion of memory in which a person struggles to separate actual events from imaginary or dreamed ones.

Desilence used the project’s open-ended nature to explore new ideas they could adapt to a wide variety of venues. For three months, Creative Directors Tatiana Halbach and Søren Christensen wrote down every dream they had. They chose the best and weirdest dreams to depict from beginning to end in three parts that became one continuous sequence, with each part’s final frame doubling as the first for the next.

They used Kaiber to generate raw visuals and Notch for further ideation and effects. They also used Notch to explore different ways of marrying their visuals to the accompanying music provided by Siriusmo in an audio-reactive way by manipulating select frequencies.

Desilence used WATCHOUT, SMODE, and Disguise as their media servers, which varied per venue. The studio has shown Paramnésico at Ideal Barcelona, Bright Festival in Florence, and the Museum of the Arts at the University of Guadalajara. They also kicked off 2024 by presenting it at ISE in Barcelona.

“It can be a challenge to create immersive projects like this, as each venue is so different, but Notch helped us at every stage. From iteration, which, in this case, involved interpreting our literal dreams, to finishing with plenty of variation, we were still able to maintain an organic and consistent look.”

Tatiana Halbach, Visual Artist, Desilence

Additional press coverage:
Ideal Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya.

Visual Artists: Tatiana Halbach & Søren Christensen (Desilence)

Music: Siriusmo