Project Description

Passion 2024

Cour Design made a monumental set of video designs to fill Mercedes-Benz Stadium at the 2024 edition of Passion in Atlanta.

Leading up to this year’s edition of Passion, held at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, conference Content Director Emile Frederick approached Cour Design in search of specifically Notch-based graphical elements to accompany Production Designer Nathan Paul Taylor’s LED layout.

Cour Design aimed to create a system rooted in the architectural realism of the layout while embracing the added creative possibilities provided by the video format. They wanted each set piece to be its own programmable world that could change to something completely different every ten minutes.

The team built architecture that matched the raster in Cinema 4D and used Notch for lighting, texture, and system building. They also found Notch’s live camera infrastructure allowed their creations to transform into video screens simply by adding a camera layer to the overall system.

As Cour Design Creative Director & Notch Designer Mike Kluge said, “Emile is a great collaborator who always has a strong vision, so the rest followed naturally. It was cool to see what worked best after handing off what we’d created. There are always some surprises, and thankfully, in this case, they were pleasant ones.”

“Passion is programmed in a very live way with a lot of changes coming in the rehearsal timeframe, so Notch was the ideal tool for it. We could build a system that left things open to the possibilities and incorporate any ideas that came our way.”

Mike Kluge, Creative Director & Notch Designer, Cour Design

Additional press coverage:
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Client: Passion
Production Design: Nathan Paul Taylor
Creative Direction & Notch Design: Cour Design (Mike Kluge, Luke Shoenhals, Zach Hixon)

Video Director: Emile Frederick
Lighting Designer: Davis Kornegay