Project Description

Peugeot E-3008 Reveal

UNIT9 brought real-time interactive magic to the unveiling of Peugeot’s latest all-electric SUV in the company’s home of Sochaux, France.

In early 2023, Peugeot approached UNIT9 with a request to make a highly interactive installation debuting their E-3008 electric SUV. The presentation consisted of a vast, electrically charged box with the silhouette of the car visible inside that rewarded participating attendees with real-time animation.

As audiences inquisitively touched the screen, the surrounding areas of their hands became electrically charged with hundreds of flickering particles. Users could also manipulate 3D spatial sounds, making the installation the world’s largest multitouch digital synthesiser. After the electric charge reached a threshold, the reveal show began, during which an interactive screen rose up to reveal the E-3008 to the world against an LED volume stage.

The creative team used four computers, three of which they used to calculate one side of a wall and one that retrieved tracking data from Hokuyo lidars using Augmenta technology. They then sent said data to Notch Blocks to craft visuals and Ableton to compose sound. Notch Designer Quentin Bozon found that Notch allowed him to iterate quickly in real time while retaining enough power to manage large surfaces with huge numbers of interfacing people fluidly.

The team used TouchDesigner as their media server for its simplicity. Young and old alike had fun with the final installation. As Creative Director Sean Pruen noted, “everyone took videos of themselves in front of it. There was a playful aspect that made it magical. Simple, intuitive, and hugely rewarding.”

Take a deeper look behind the scenes here.

“In my work, I try to make technology invisible. In this case, Notch makes each visitor’s experience unique thanks to its real-time engine. Every time someone touches the projection surface, the visuals and music change. Notch allows us to have an extremely responsive and fluid system. The visitor is no longer a passive spectator but an active participant in the experience.”

Quentin Bozon, Notch Designer

Production Design: UNIT9
Creative Direction: Sean Pruen
Notch Designer: Quentin Bozon

Tech Lead: Mark Logue
Music & Audio: Simon Little
Capture: Alex
AV & Rigging: 4Wall