Project Description

Projection Mapping at Schrotty, Cologne

visualprime pushed beyond the limits of traditional projection mapping for an ongoing installation at a renowned club in Cologne, Germany.

Three-piece Cologne crew PPKS (Punkt Punkt Komma Strich) recently reached out to visualprime and asked them to collaborate on projection-mapped visuals to cover the noise barrier structure of Schrotty, a club set in a defunct car scrapyard with an industrial atmosphere that plays host to high-quality artists nightly.

The visualprime team set out to avoid the usual suspects of projection-mapped content, such as building transitions and other 3D effects, and create a piece of design that would have a new kind of impression on audiences–something that would invite them to linger and give undivided attention to the projection itself. To achieve this, they aimed to balance attractive and relaxing sequences with visual intrigue.

The team designed twenty-four proposals in a short amount of time. After just a day, the client gave full approval, and the studio made minor adjustments and rendered everything out in the highest quality possible using the NotchLC codec. They used Resolume as their media server, playing all their finished content from a nineteen-inch racked machine with two high-powered laser projectors attached.

In the future, visualprime plan to evolve the project by implementing a disguise system in real-time and including live camera feeds from inside the club along with several lidar devices to enable another layer of interactivity. Speaking on the project’s debut, the team reports, “Upon arriving each night, quite literally every person immediately took out their phone to take pictures and videos of the scene. We even noticed that people would purposely go back outside to sit down and watch the projection.”

“We’ve been using Notch for years, and it was clearly the best tool for this job. As every video was up to ten minutes long at fifty frames per second, the render times in any other software just would not have accompanied our tight schedule of only three days. With Notch, we always have an overwhelming advantage when it comes to speed.”

Uwe Schröder, Creative Director & Notch Designer, visualprime

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Client: Punkt Punkt Komma Strich (PPKS)
Creative Direction: Uwe Schröder (visualprime)

Notch Designer: Uwe Schröder